Miss Marple's Final Cases
Collins, London, Oct. 1979 as "Miss Marple's Final Cases and Two Other Stories"


The lady from St. Mary Mead is back. She requires all her powers of detection to solve her final six mysteries:
The man found dying in the church sanctuary; The puzzle of Uncle Henry's hidden legacy; The baffling mystery of the stabbing of Mrs Rhodes; The question of the murderer with the tape-measure; The case of Miss Skinner's Maid; The curious conduct of the caretaker;
The unabridged recording together with this special edition of the book allows complete enjoyment of Agatha Christie's superb stories.

short stories

Miss Marple Tells a Story

a.k.a. 'Behind Closed Doors', Home Journal, May 25 1935

In a Glass Darkly

Collier's magazine, 1934; Woman's Journal, Dec. 1934

Films & TV

In a Glass Darkly, UK, 1982
Agatha Christie's Hour
In a Glass Darkly, UK, 1987
TV drama list

Strange Jest

This Week, Nov.2 1941
a.k.a. 'A Case of Buried Treasure', Strand Magazine, Jul. 1944


Jane Marple, Mrs Eldritch, Mr and Mrs Gray, Matilda Graves, Charmian Stroud, Mathew Stroud, Mrs Beaton, Jane Helier, Uncle Henry, Betty Martin, Lionel, Edward Rossiter

Films & TV

Fugawari na jodan, JP/NHK, 2004
Meitantei POIROT to MARPLE

Tape-Measure Murder

a.k.a. 'The Case of the Retired Jeweller', Strand Magazine, Feb. 1942


Jane Marple, Jim Abercrombie, Sir Robert Abercrombie, Antony, Gordon, Ted Gerard, Fred, Arthur Spenlow & Mrs Spenlow, Inspector Slack, Miss Hartnell, Mrs Blade, Gladys Brent, Uncle Henry, Constable Palk, Miss Politt, Colonel Melchett

Films & TV

Makijaku Satsujin-jiken, JP/NHK, 2004
Meitantei POIROT to MARPLE

The Case of the Caretaker

Strand Magazine, Jan. 1941


Jane Marple, Clarice Vane, Mr Edge, Bella Edge, Miss Harmon, Mrs Price, Miss Brent, Doctor Haydock, Mrs Murgatroyd, Major Laxton, Harry Laxton, Louise Laxton

The Case of the Perfect Maid

a.k.a. 'The Perfect Maid', Strand Magazine, Apr. 1942
a.k.a. 'The Maid Who Disappeared', Chicago Sunday Tribune, 1942


Jane Marple, Doctor Allerton, Miss Wetherby, Edna, Mrs Carmichael, Clara, Mrs Clement, Janet, Emily Skinner, Lavinia Skinner, Inspector Slack, Mr and Mrs Devereux, Miss Hartnell, Mary Higgins, Mrs Price-Ridley, Doctor Haydock, Gladdie(Gladys) Holmes, Mr Meek, Colonel Melchett, Mr and Mrs Larkin, Doctor Brewer

Films & TV

Moshibun no nai MAID, JP/NHK, 2004
Meitantei POIROT to MARPLE


Woman's Journal, Oct. 1954
a.k.a. 'Murder at the Vicarage', This Week, September 12 1954

The Dressmaker's Doll

Woman's Journal, December 1958

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Miss Marple tire sa révérence

French index

Die Mörder-Maschen / Mördergarn / Mörderblumen / Das Mädchen im Zug und andere seltsame Fälle / Miss Marples letzte Fälle

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Die Mörder-Maschen



Das Mädchen im Zug und andere seltsame Fälle

Miss Marples letzte Fälle

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Mord efter mål

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Miss Marple'i viimased juhtumid

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Mis Mārplas pēdējās lietas

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Il caso della domestica perfetta

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Els Ultimos casos de Miss Marple

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Miss Marple Investiga / Os Últimos Casos de Miss Marple

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Σκοτεινές υποθέσεις / Οι τελευταίες υποθέσεις της μις Μάρπλ

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Poslednji slučajevi Gospođice Marpl

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V temnom zrkadle

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Poslední případy slečny Marplové

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Gyilkosság méretre

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Куклата на шивачката / Последните случаи на госпожица Марпъл

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Śmiertelna klątwa

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Ultimele cazuri ale lui Miss Marple

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Дело смотрительницы // Последние дела мисс Марпл

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Miss Marple'ın Son Maceraları

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القضايا الأخيرة للأنسة ماربل / لغز دمية الخياطة

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القضايا الأخيرة للأنسة ماربل

لغز دمية الخياطة


Kasus-kasus Terakhir Miss Marple // Pukulan Terakhir Miss Marple

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马普尔小姐最后的案件 / 马普尔小姐探案 / 瑪波小姐的完結篇

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