The Regatta Mystery

Dodd, Mead, New York, 1939

The Regatta Mystery

see "Problem at Pollensa Bay"

The Mystery of the Baghdad Chest

see "While the Light Last"

How Does Your Garden Grow?

see "Poirot's Early Cases"

The Problem at Pollensa Bay

see "Problem at Pollensa Bay"

Yellow Iris

see "Problem at Pollensa Bay"

Miss Marple Tells a Story

see "Miss Marple's Final Cases"

The Dream

see "The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding"

In a Glass Darkly

see "Miss Marple's Final Cases"

Problem at Sea

see "Poirot's Early Cases"

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Dodd, Mead




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Poirot and the Regatta Mystery


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Le Flambeau

French index

Le Masque (#1882) 1987

Le Livre de Poche (#18207) 2001

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Het Regatta Mysterie

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In tre contro il delitto

Italian index

O Mistério da Regata e Outras Histórias / Um Acidente E Outras Historias

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Κίτρινες ίριδες

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Misterija regate i druge priče

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A Regatta-rejtély

Hungarian index

Misterul Regatta / Irisul galben

Romanian index

Таємниця регати та інші розповіді

Тайна регаты и другие рассказы

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תעלומת התיבה מבגדד

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Lenyapnya Sebuah Permata

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黄色いアイリス / 砂に書かれた三角形

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리가타 미스터리

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