Collins, London, Oct. 1973
Dodd, Mead, New York, 1973

Volume I

A Masque from Italy
Prologue: Sung by Columbine, Harlequin's Song, Pierrot's Song to the Moon, Pierrette Dancing on the Green, Columbine's Song, Pulcinella, Pierrot's Song by the Hearth, The Last Song of Columbine, Pierrot Grown Old, Epilogue: Spoken by Punchinello
The Ballad of the Flint, Elizabeth of England, The Bells of Brittany, Isolt of Brittany, Dark Sheila, Ballad of the Maytime, The Princess Sings
Dreams and Fantasies
The Dream Spinners, Down in the Wood, The Road of Dreams, Heritage, The Wanderer, The Dream City, A Passing
Other Poems
Spring, Young Morning, Hymn to Ra, A Palm Tree in the Desert, World Hymn 1914, Easter 1918, To a Beautiful Old Lady, Wild Roses, Love Passes, Progression, There Where My Lover Lies

Volume II

Beauty, The Water Flows, The Sculptor, A Wandering Tune
Ctesiphon, In Baghdad, An Island, The Nile, Dartmoor, To a Cedar Tree, Calvary
Love Poems and Others
Count Fersen to the Queen, Beatrice Passes, Undine, Hawthorn Trees in Spring; A Lament of Women, The Lament of the Tortured Lover, What is Love?, To M.E.L.M. in Absence, Remembrance, A Choice, My Flower Garden, Enchantment, Jenny by the Sky
Verses of Nowadays
From a Grown-up to a Child, I Wore My New Canary Suit, Racial Musings, Picnic 1960

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