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Short Stories

1924  Poirot Investigates

1929  Partners in Crime

1930  The Mysterious Mr.Quin

1932  The Thirteen Problems

1933  The Hound of Death

1934  The Listerdale Mystery

1934  Parker Pyne Investigates

1937  Murder in the Mews

1939  The Regatta Mystery (US)

1947  The Labours of Hercules

1948  Witness for the Prosecution and Other Stories (US)

1950  Three Blind Mice and Other Stories (US)

1951  The Under Dog and Other Stories

1960  The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding

1961  Double Sin and Other Stories (US)

1971  The Golden Ball and Other Stories (US)

1974  Poirot's Early Cases

1979  Miss Marple's Final Cases

1992  Problem at Pollensa Bay

1997  While the Light Lasts

Short Story Index

_  The £10 Adventure

A  Accident

_  The Actress

_  The Adventure of Johnny Waverly

_  The Adventure of the Cheap Flat

_  The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding

_  The Adventure of the Clapham Cook

_  The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb

_  The Adventure of the Italian Nobleman

_  The Adventure of the King of Clubs

_  The Adventure of the Sinister Stranger

_  The Adventure of the Western Star

_  The Affair at the Bungalow

_  The Affair at the Victory Ball

_  *The Affair of the Forged Notes

_  The Affair of the Pink Pearl

_  The Ambassador's Boots

_  The Apples of the Hesperides

_  The Arcadian Deer

_  At the Bells and Motley

_  *At the Crossroads

_  The Augean Stables

B  *Before It Is Too Late

_  *Behind Closed Doors

_  *The Benevolent Butler

_  The Bird with the Broken Wing

_  *Birds of Ill Omen

_  Blindman's Bluff

_  The Bloodstained Pavement

_  The Blue Geranium

_  *By Road or Rail

C  The Call of Wings

_  The Caputure of Cerberus

_  *A Case of Buried Treasure

_  *Case of the Capture of Cerberus

_  The Case of the Caretaker

_  The Case of the City Clerk

_  The Case of the Discontented Husband

_  The Case of the Discontented Soldier

_  The Case of the Distressed Lady

_  *The Case of the Drug Peddler

_  *The Case of the Erymanthian Boar

_  *The Case of the Family Taint

_  *The Case of the Gossipers

_  *The Case of the Kidnaped Pekinese

_  The Case of the Middle-Aged Wife

_  The Case of the Missing Lady

_  *The Case of the Missing Schoolgirl

_  The Case of the Missing Will

_  *The Case of the Nemean Lion

_  The Case of the Perfect Maid

_  The Case of the Rich Woman

_  *The Case of the Sinister Stranger

_  *The Case of the Veiled Lady

_  *The Case of The Vulture Women

_  *The Chinese Puzzle Box

_  The Chocolate Box

_  Christmas Adventure

_  A Christmas Tragedy

_  The Clergyman's Daughter

_  *The Clue of the Chocolate Box

_  *The Clue of the Veiled Lady

_  The Coming of Mr. Quin

_  The Companion

_  *Companions

_  The Cornish Mystery

_  The Crackler

_  The Cretan Bull

_  *The Curious Disappearance of the Opalsen Pearls

D  *The Day of His Dreams

_  The Dead Harlequin

_  Dead Man's Mirror

_  Death by Drowning

_  Death on the Nile

_  *The Disappearance of Captain Harwell

_  The Disappearance of Mr. Davenheim

_  *The Disappearance of Winnie King

_  The Double Clue

_  Double Sin

_  The Dream

_  The Dressmaker's Doll

_  *Drip! Drip!

E  The Edge

_  *The Egyptian Adventure

_  *The Egyptian Tomb

_  The Erymanthian Boar

F  The Face of Helen

_  A Fairy in the Flat

_  Finessing the King

_  *The First Wish

_  The Flock of Geryon

_  Four and Twenty Blackbirds

_  The Four Suspects

_  The Fourth Man

_  A Fruitful Sunday

G  The Gate of Baghdad

_  *The Gentleman Dressed in Newspaper

_  The Gipsy

_  The Girdle of Hippolyta

_  *The Girl in Electric Blue

_  The Girl in the Train

_  Gold, Frankincense and Myth

_  The Golden Ball

_  *The Great Bond Robbery

_  Greenshaw's Folly

_  A Greeting

H  The Harlequin Tea Set

_  Harlequin's Lane

_  *The Hat and the Alibi

_  Have You Got Everything You Want?

_  The Herb of Death

_  *Hercule Poirot in Hell

_  *Hercule Poirot, Armchair Detective

_  *His Lady’s Affair

_  The Horses of Diomedes

_  The Hound of Death

_  The House at Shiraz

_  The House of Dreams

_  The House of Lurking Death

_  How Does Your Garden Grow?

_  *The Hunters Lodge Case

_  *The Husband Who Wanted to Keep His Wife

_  *The Hydra of Lernea

I  The Idol House of Astarte

_  In a Glass Darkly

_  In the Cool of the Evening

_  *In the Third Floor Flat

_  †The Incident of the Dog's Ball

_  The Incredible Theft

_  Ingots of Gold

_  *The Invisible Enemy

_  The Island

_  *The Italian Nobleman

J  Jane in Search of a Job

_  Jenny by the Sky

_  The Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan

K  *The Kidnaped Pekinese

_  The Kidnapped Prime Minister

_  *The Kidnapping of Johnnie Waverly

_  *The King of Clubs

_  *The Knidnaped Premier

L  The Lamp

_  The Last Seance

_  The Lemesurier Inheritance

_  The Lernean Hydra

_  The Listerdale Mystery

_  The Lonely God

_  The Lost Mine

_  The Love Detectives

M  Magnolia Blossom

_  *The Maid Who Disappeared

_  The Man from the Sea

_  The Man in the Mist

_  *A Man of Magic

_  The Man Who was Number 16

_  The Manhood of Edward Robinson

_  Manx Gold

_  The Market Basing Mystery

_  *The Marsdon Manor Tragedy

_  *The Matter of the Ambassador's Boots

_  *Meet Me in Hell

_  *Midnight Madness

_  The Million Dollar Bond Robbery

_  *The Miss Marple and the Wicked World

_  Miss Marple Tells a Story

_  *The Missing Will

_  Motive versus Opportunity

_  *Mr Eastwood's Adventure

_  *Mr. Davenby Disappears

_  Mr. Eastwood's Adventure

_  *Mr. Quinn Passes By

_  *Mrs Opalsen's Pearls

_  *Murder at the Vicarage

_  Murder in the Mews

_  *Murder Mountain

_  The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge

_  The Mystery of the Baghdad Chest

_  The Mystery of the Blue Jar

_  *Mystery of the Dressing Case

_  *The Mystery of the Plymouth Express

_  *The Mystery of the Second Cucumber

_  The Mystery of The Spanish Chest

_  *The Mystery of the Spanish Shawl

N  The Naughty Donkey

_  The Nemean Lion

_  Next to a Dog

O  *On the Orient Express

_  The Oracle at Delphi

P  *The Passing of Mr. Quin

_  The Pearl of Price

_  *The Perfect Maid

_  Philomel Cottage

_  *Playing the Innocent

_  *The Plymouth Express

_  *The Plymouth Express Affair

_  *Poirot And The Crime In Cabin 66

_  †Poirot and the Regatta Mystery

_  *Poirot and the Regular Customer

_  *The Poison Cup

_  A Pot of Tea

_  Problem at Pollensa Bay

_  Problem at Sea

_  Promotion in the Highest

R  The Rajah's Emerald

_  The Red House

_  The Red Signal

_  The Regatta Mystery

_  *The Resurrection of Amy Durrant

_  *The Rich Woman Who Wanted Only To Be Happy

S  S.O.S.

_  The Saints of God

_  Sanctuary

_  The Second Gong

_  The Shadow on the Glass

_  *A Sign in the Sky

_  The Sign in the Sky

_  Sing a Song of Sixpence

_  *Siren Business

_  *The Six China Figures

_  *The Solving Six

_  *The Solving Six and the Evil Hour

_  *The Solving Six and the Golden Grave

_  The Soul of the Croupier

_  *Sporting Challenge

_  Star Over Bethlehem

_  The Strange Case of Sir Arthur Carmichael

_  *The Stolen Ghost

_  Strange Jest

_  The Stymphalean Birds

_  The Submarine Plans

_  The Sunningdale Mystery

_  *The Sunninghall Mystery

_  Swan Song

T  Tape-Measure Murder

_  The Third Floor Flat

_  The Thumb Mark of St. Peter

_  The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor

_  *Traitor's Hands

_  Triangle at Rhodes

_  The Tuesday Night Club

U  The Unbreakable Alibi

_  *The Uncrossed Path

_  The Under Dog

V  *Vanishing Lady

_  The Veiled Lady

_  The Voice in the Dark

_  *The Vulture Women

W  Wasps' Nest

_  The Water Bus

_  *Weird Monster

_  *The Western Star

_  *Where There’s a Will

_  *Where’s the Catch?

_  While the Light Lasts

_  Wireless

_  Within a Wall

_  The Witness for the Prosecution

_  *World's End

_  *The Woman Who Stole a Ghost

_  The World's End

_  A Wreath for Christmas

Y  Yellow Iris

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