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Agatha Christie
Black Coffee

written in 1930
Alfred Ashley, Nov. 1934
Samuel French, London, Jul. 1952

Movie & TV

Black Coffee, 1931 (UK)
director Leslie S.Hiscott
writer Brock Williams, H. Fowler Mear
cast Austin Trevor(Poirot), Adrianne Allen, Richard Cooper(Hastings), Melville Cooper(Japp), C.V.France
Le Coffret de laque, 1932 (FR)
director Jean Kemm
writer Pierre Maudru, H. Fowler Mear, Brock Williams
cast Danielle Darrieux, René Alexandre, Harry Arbell, Maxime Desjardins, Gaston Dupray, Alice Field, Maurice Varny, Marcel Vibert
Black Coffee, 1973 (W.Germany/TV)
director Claus Peter Witt
writer Claus Peter Witt, Peter Goldbaum
cast Horst Bollmann(Hercule Poirot), Heinz Fabian(Dr. Graham), Ernst Fritz Fürbringer(Lord Amery), Käthe Haack(Caroline), Gert Haucke(Inspecteur Japp), Otto Kurth(Butler), Anita Lochner(Barbara), Ulli Philipp(Lucia), Jochen Schmidt(Richard), Jochen Sostmann(Captain Hastings), Friedrich von Thun(Raynor), Herbert Weicker(Dr. Carelli)


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Black Coffee (Novelize)

adapted as a novel by Charles Osborne, 1997


Sir Claud Amory has discoverd the formula for a new powerful explosive, which is stolen by one of the large household of relatives and friends. Locking everyone in the library, Sir Claud switches off the lights to allow the thief to replace the formula on the table, no questions asked. When the lights come on, he is dead, and Hercule Poirot - with assistance from Hastings and Inspector Japp - has to unravel a tangle of family feuds, old flames and suspicious foreigners to find the killer and prevent a global catastrophe.


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