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Agatha Christie

Collins, London, 1971
Dodd Mead, New York, 1971

To Daphne Honeybone

First Published

Collins, London, Nov. 1971
Woman's Realm, Sep.25-Nov.6 1971
Dodd Mead, New York, 1971


(from HarperCollins "The Agatha Christie Collection" cover)

In utter disbelief Miss Marple read the letter addressed to her from the recently deceased Mr Rafiel - an acquaintance she had met briefly on her travels. Recognising in Miss Marple a natural flair for justice, Mr Rafiel had left instructions for her to investigate a crime after his death. The only problem was, he had failed to tell her who was involved or where and when the crime had been committed. It was most intriguing.


1. Oberture
2. Code Word Nemesis
3. Miss Marple Takes Action
4. Ester Walters
5. Instructions from Beyond
6. Love
7. An Invitation
8. The Three Sisters
9. Polygonum Baldschuancium
10. 'Oh! Fond, Oh! Fair. The Days
 That Were'
11. Accident
12. A Consultation
13. Black and Red Check
14. Mr Broadribb Wonders
15. Verity
16. The Inquest
17. MissMarple Makes a Visit
18. Archdeacon Brabazon
19. Goodbyes Are Said
20. Miss Marple Has Ideas
21. The Clock Strikes There
22. Miss Marple Tells Her Story
23. End Pieces


Miss Jane Marple, Jason Rafiel, Michael Rafiel, Mr Broadribb, Mr Schuster, Clothilde Bradbury-Scott, Anthea Bradbury-Scott, Lavinia Glynne, Archdeacon Brabazon, Miss Temple, Prof. Wanstead, Miss Cooke, Miss Barrow

Movie & TV

Nemesis, 1986
Agatha Christie's MISS MARPLE
director David Tucker
writer T. R. Bowen
cast Joan Hickson(Miss Marple), Helen Cherry(Miss Temple), Anna Cropper(Anthea Banbury-Scott), Valerie Lush(Lavinia Glynne), Bruce Payne(Michael Rafiel), Peter Tilbury(Lionel Peel), Margaret Tyzack(Clotilde Banbury-Scott), Frank Gatlif(Jason Rafiel), Barbara Franceschi(Miss K), Roger Hammond(Broadribb),
Nemesis, 2007
Agatha Christie's MARPLE Season 3
director Nicholas Winding Refn
writer Stephen Churchett
cast Geraldine McEwan(Miss Jane Marple), Laura-Michelle Kelly(Verity Hunt), Richard E. Grant(Raymond West), Anne Reid(Sister Agnes), Amanda Burton(Sister Clothilde)


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