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Agatha Christie
Ordeal by Innocence

To Billy Collins
with affection and gratitude

First Published

Collins, London, Nov. 1958
John Bull, Sep.20-27 1958
Dodd Mead, New York, 1959
Chicago Tribune, Feb.1-Mar.14 1959


(from HarperCollins "The Agatha Christie Collection" cover)

According to the courts, Jacko Argyle bludgeoned his mother to death with a poker. Sentenced to life imprisonment, he died behind bars following a bout of pneumonia. Tragically, it was not until two years later that Dr Arthur Calgary came forward with the testimony that could have acquitted Jacko. Worse, the doctor's revelations were about to re-open old wounds in the family, increasing the likelihood that the real murderer would strike again...


Dr. Arthur Calgary, Rachel Argyle, Leo Argyle, Gwenda Vaughan, Mary Durant, Micky Argyle, Hester Argyle, Kirsten Lindstrom, Philip Durant, Maureen Clegg, Inspector Huish

Movie & TV

Ordeal by Innocence, 1984 (UK)
director Desmond Davis
writer Alexander Stuart
cast Donald Sutherland(Dr. Arthur Calgary), Faye Dunaway(Rachel Argyle), Ian McShane(Philip Durant), Christopher Plummer(Leo Argyle), Sarah Miles(Mary Durant), Anita Carey(Martha Jessup), Annette Crosbie(Kirsten Lindstrom), George Innes(Archie Leach), Michael Maloney(Micky Argyle), Phoebe Nicholls(Tina Argyle)
Ordeal by Innocence, 2007
Agatha Christie's MARPLE Season 3
director Moira Armstrong
writer Stewart Harcourt
cast Geraldine McEwan(Miss Jane Marple), Julian Rhind-Tutt(Dr.Arthur Calgary), Dennis Lawson(Leo Argyle), Stephanie Leonidas(Hester Argyle), Burn Gorman(Jacko Argyle), Jane Seymour(Rachel Argyle), Juliet Stevenson(Gwenda), Alison Steadman(Kirsten Lindstrom)
Am stram gram
Les petits meurtres d'Agatha Christie, 2009 (fr/TV)
director Stéphane Kappes
writer Sylvie Simon
cast Antoine Duléry, Marius Colucci, Hélène Vincent, Robinson Stévenin, Pascal Elso, Hélène de Saint-Père, Charley Fouquet, Emmanuel Patron, Julien Baumgartner, Jenny Mutela, Lucie Lucas, Nathalie Blanc


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