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Agatha Christie
Dead Man's Folly

To Humphrey & Peggy Trevelyan

First Published

Collins, London, Nov. 1956
John Bull, Aug.11-Sep.15 1956
Dodd Mead, New York, Oct. 1956
Colliers's Weekly, Jul.20-Aug.17 1956


(from HarperCollins "The Agatha Christie Collection" cover)

Sir George and Lady Stubbs, the hosts of a village fete, hit upon the novel idea of staging a mock murder mystery. In good faith, Ariadne Oliver, the well known crime writer, agrees to organise their murder hunt.

Despite weeks of meticulous planning, at the last minute Ariadne calls her friend Hercule Poirot for his expert assistance. Instinctively, she senses that something sinister is about to happen...


Hercule Poirot, Sir George Stubbs, Hattie Stubbs, Ammy Folliot, Amanda Brewis, Michael Wayman, Alec Legge, Sally Legge, Marlene Tucker, Merdell, Inspector Bland, Ariadne Oliver

Movie & TV

Dead Man's Folly, 1986 (USA/TV)
director Clive Donner
writer Rod Browning
cast Peter Ustinov(Poirot), Jonathan Cecil(Hastings), Jean Stapleton(Ariadne Oliver), Tim Pigott-Smith(Sir George Stubbs), Nicollette Sheridan(Hattie Stubbs), Constance Cummings(Ammy Folliot), Susan Wooldridge(Amanda Brewis), Ralph Arliss(Michael Wayman), Christopher Guard(Alec Legge), Caroline Langrishe(Sally Legge)
Dead Man's Folly, 2013
Agahta Christie's POIROT XIII
director Tom Vaughan
writer Nick Dear
cast David Suchet (Hercule Poirot), Zoë Wanamaker (Ariadne Oliver), Stephanie Leonidas (Hattie Stubbs), Chris Gordon (Bickford), Sean Pertwee (Sir George Stubbs), Tom Ellis (D.I. Bland), Richard Dixon (Henden), Sinead Cusack (Amy Folliat), Rebecca Front (Miss Brewis), Martin Jarvis (Captain Warburton), James Anderson (Michael Weyman), Sam Kelly (John Merdell), Rosalind Ayres (Mrs Warburton), Daniel Weyman (Alec Legge), Emma Hamilton (Sally Legge), Ella Geraghty (Marlene Tucker), Elliot Barnes-Worrell (Etienne De Souza), Nicholas Woodeson (Sergeant Hoskins), Angel Witney (Gertie), Francesca Zoutewelle (Dutch Hiker)


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