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Agatha Christie
The Moving Finger

To My Friends
Sodney and Mary Smith

First Published

Collins, London, Jun. 1943
Woman's Pictorial, Oct.17-Nov.21 1942 as 'Moving Finger'
Dodd Mead, New York, Jul. 1942
Collier's Weekly, Mar.28-May.16 1942


(from HarperCollins "The Agatha Christie Collection" cover)

Lymstock was a town with more that its share of shameful secrets - a town where even a sudden outbreak of anonymous hate-mail caused only a minor stir.

But all of that changed when one of the recipients, Mrs Symmington, committed suicide. Her final note said 'I can't go on'. Only Miss Marple questioned the coroner's verdict of suicide. Was this the work of a poison-pen? Or of a poisoner?


Miss Jane Marple, Gerry Burton, Joanna Burton, Megan Hunter, Elsie Holland, Rose, Owen Griffith, Emily Barton, Partridge, Rev. Guy Calthrop, Maud Calthrop, Police Superintendent Nash, Miss Ginch, George, Pye, Mrs Cleat, Beatrice

Movie & TV

The Moving Finger, 1985
Agatha Christie's MISS MARPLE
director Roy Boulting
writer Julia Jones
cast Joan Hickson(Miss Marple), Andrew Bicknell(Gerry Burton), Sabina Franklyn(Joanna Burton), Dilys Hamlett(Maud Calthorp), Michael Culver(Edward Symmington), Sandra Payne(Eryl Griffith), Richard Pearson(Mr. Pye), John Arnatt(Guy Calthorp), Hilary Mason(Emily Barton)
The Moving Finger, 2005
Agatha Christie's MARPLE Season 2
director Tom Shankland
writer Kevin Elyot
cast Geraldine McEwan(Miss Jane Marple), Angela Curran (Miss Ginch), Rosalind Knight (Partridge), Imogen Stubbs (Mona Simmington), Sean Pertwee (Dr. Owen Griffith), Ellen Capron (Agnes), Keith Allen (Inspector Graves), Frances De La Tour (Mrs. Maud Dane Calthorp), Stephen Churchett (Coroner), Jessica Stevenson (Aimee Griffith), John Sessions (Mr. Cardew Pye), Emilia Fox (Joanna Burton), Kelly Brook (Elsie Holland), Harry Enfield (Richard Symmington), Ken Russell (Reverend Caleb Dame Calthorp), Talulah Riley (Megan Hunter), James d'Arcy (Jerry Burton)
La plume empoisonnée, 2009
Les petits meurtres d'Agatha Christie Season 1
director Éric Woreth
cast Christophe Alévêque, Françoise Bertin, Laurence Côte, Anaïs Demoustier, Frédéric Pierrot, Cyrille Thouvenin, Catherine Wilkening, Olivier Rabourdin, Cassandre Vittu de Kerraoul, Julie Ravix, Fanny Chevallier, Corinne Masiero, Sarah Pasquier, Gaëlle Fraysse


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