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Agatha Christie
Hercule Poirot's Christmas

My dear James
You have always been one of the most faithful and kindly of my readers, and I was therefore seriously perturbed when I received from you a word of criticism.
You complained that my murders were getting too refined - anaemic, in fact. You yearned for a 'good violent murder with lots of blood'. A murder where there was no doubt about its being murder!
So this is your special story - written for you. I hope it may please.

Your affectionate sister-in-law Agatha  

First Published

Collins, London, Dec. 1938
Daily Express, Nov.14-Dec.10 1938 as 'Murder at Christmas'
Dodd Mead, New York, Feb. 1938 as "Murder for Christmas"
Collier's Weekly, Nov.12 1938 - Jan.14 1939 as 'Murder For Christmas'


(from HarperCollins "The Agatha Christie Collection" cover)

It is Christmas Eve. The Lee family reunion is shattered by a deafening crash of furniture, followed by a high-pitched wailing scream. Upstairs, the tyrannical Simeon Lee lies dead in a pool of blood, his throat slashed.

But when Hercule Poirot, who is staying in the village with a friend for Christmas, offers to assist, he finds an atmosphere not of mourning but of mutual suspicion. It seems everyone had their own reason to hate the old man...


December 22nd
December 23rd
December 24th
December 25th
December 26th
December 27th
December 28th


Simeon Lee, Alfred Lee, Lydia Lee, George Lee, Magdalene Lee, Harry Lee, Pilar Estravados, Horbury, Tressilian, Sugden, Hercule Poirot


"Yet who would have thought the old man to have so much blood in him?"

Movie & TV

Hercule Poirot's Christmas
Agahta Christie's POIROT VI, 1995-97
director Edward Bennett
writer Clive Exton
cast David Suchet(Poirot), Philip Jackson(Japp), Mark Tandy(Sugden), Catherine Rabett(Lydia Lee), Simon Roberts(Alfred Lee), Brian Gwaspari(Harry Lee), Sasha Behar(Pilar Estravados), Eric Carte(George Lee), Andree Bernard(Magdalene Lee), Ayd Khan Din(Horbury), Vernon Dobtcheff(Simeon Lee), Olga Lowe(Stella)
Petits meurtres en famille, 2006 (FR/TV)
director Edwin Baily
writer Anne Giafferi
cast Robert Hossein, Elsa Zylberstein, Bruno Todeschini, Antoine Duléry, Grégori Derangère, Marie Bunel, Mathias Mlekuz, Marius Colucci, Jean-Marie Winling, Disiz La Peste, Frédérique Bel, Leticia Dolera, Alexis Michalik, Michèle Moretti, Nadia Barentin, Lisa Manili, Jean Barrier, Anne Baudoux, Loïc Baylacq, Fabrice Bénard, Stéphane Bertho, Sandrine Bodenes, Alain de Catuelan, Martine Gautier, Jean-Yves Gourves, Martin Jobert, Nathalie Lacroix, Dominique Prie, Jane Resmond, Laure Roldan, Grégoire Taulère, Stéphan Vinial-Nassens


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