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Agatha Christie
Death on the Nile

who also loves wandering about the world

First Published

Collins, London, Nov. 1937
Dodd Mead, New York, 1938
The Saturady Evening Post, May.15-Jul.3 1937


(from HarperCollins "The Agatha Christie Collection" cover)

The tranquillity of a cruise along the Nile was shattered by the discovery that Linnet Ridgeway had been shot through the head. She was young, stylish and beautiful. A girl who had everything ... until she lost her life.

Hercule Poirot recalled an earlier out-burst by a fellow passenger: 'I'd like to put my dear little pistol against her head and just press the trigger'. Yet in this exotic setting nothing was ever quite what it seemed.


Hercule Poirot, Linnet Ridgeway, Simon Doyle, Jacqueline de Bellefort, Mrs Allerton, Tim Allerton, Mrs Otterbourne, Rosalie Otterbourne, Miss Van Shuyler, Cornelia, Pennington, Colonel Race

Movie & TV

Murder on the Nile, 1950 (USA/TV)
"Kraft Television Theatre" Season 3, Episode 43
cast Guy Spaull, Patricia Wheel
Death on the Nile, 1978 (UK)
director John Guillermin
writer Anthony Shaffer
cast Peter Ustinov(Poirot), Mia Farrow(Jacqueline De Bellefort), Lois Chiles(Linnet Ridgeway), Simon MacCorkindale(Simon Doyle), Bette Davis(Mrs. Van Schuyler), Maggie Smith(Miss Bowers), Olivia Hussey(Rosalie Otterbourne), Jane Birkin(Louise Bourget), David Niven(Colonel Rice), Angela Lansbury(Salome Otterbourne), Jack Warden(Dr. Bessner), George Kennedy(Andrew Pennington)
Death on the Nile
Agahta Christie's POIROT IX, 2003/04
director Andy Wilson
writer Kevin Elyot
cast David Suchet(Poirot), James Fox(Colonel Race), Emma Malin(Jacqueline de Bellefort), J.J.Feild(Simon Doyle), Emily Blunt(Linnet Doyle), Judy Parfitt(Miss Van Schuyler), Frances de la Tour(Salome Otterbourne), Barbara Flynn(Mrs. Allerton), Daniel Lapaine(Tim Allerton), Daisy Donovan(Cornelia Robson), David Soul(Andrew Pennington), Zoe Telford(Rosalie Telford), Alistair Mackenzie(Ferguson), Felicitie du Jeu(Louse Bourget)


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Murder on the Nile (play)

at the Ambassadors Theatre, London, on March 19, 1946

with the title "Hidden Horizon", at the Plymouth Theatre, New York, on September 19, 1946

Published from Samuel French, 1948

Presented by Peter Saunders at the Savoy Theatre, London, on 14th December 1954, with the following cast of characters:


1st Beadseller, 2nd Beadseller, Steward, Miss ffoliot-ffoulkes, Chrstina Grant, Smith, Louise, Dr Bessner, Kay Mostyn, Simon Mostyn, Canon Pennefather, Jacqueline de Severac, McNaught


The scene is laid throughout in the observation saloon of the paddle steamer Lotus on the Nile between Shellal and Wadi Halfa.

Act IAt Shellal. Late afternoon.
Act II.Scene 1.By the Temple of Abu Simbel.
Three days later. Evening, after dinner.
Scene 2.The same. Five minutes later.
Act IIIThe same. The next morning.


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