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Agatha Christie
Dumb Witness

To dear Peter, most faithful of friends
and dearest of companions, a dog in a thousand

First Published

Collins, London, Jul. 1937
Women's Pictorial, Feb.20-Apr.3 1937 as 'Mystery of Littlegreen House'
Dodd Mead, New York, 1937 as "Poirot Loses a Client"
The Saturday Evening Post, Nov.7-Dec.19 1936 as 'Poirot Loses a Client'


(from HarperCollins "The Agatha Christie Collection" cover)

Everyone blamed Emily's accident on a rubber ball left on the stairs by her frisky terrier. But the more she thought about her fall, the more convinced she became that one of her relatives was trying to kill her.

On April 17th she wrote her suspicions in a letter to Hercule Poirot. Mysteriously, he didn't receive the letter until June 28th ... by which time Emily was already dead.


1. The Mistress of Littlegreen
2. The Relations
3. The Accident
4. Miss Arundell Writes a Letter
5. Hercule Poirot Recieves a
6. We Go to Littlegreen House
7. Lunch at the George
8. Interior of Littlegreen House
9. Reconstruction of the Dog's Ball
10. Visit to Miss Peabody
11. Visit to the Misses Tripp
12. Poirot Discusses the Case
13. Theresa Arundell
14. Charles Arundell
15. Miss Lawson
16. Mrs Tanios
17. Dr Tanios
18. 'A Nigger in the Woodpile'
19. Visit to Mr Purvis
20. Second Visit to Littlegreen
21. The Chemist; The Nurse; The
22. The Woman on the Stairs
23. Dr Tanios Calls on Us
24. Theresa's Denial
25. I Lie Back and Reflect
26. Mrs Tanios Refuses to Speak
27. Visit of Dr Donaldson
28. Another Victim
29. Inquest at Littlegreen House
30. The Last Word


Emily Arundel, Wilhemina, Charles, Theresa, Bella, Jacob, Julia Tripp, Isabel Tripp, Dr. Grainger, Arthur Hastings, Hercule Poirot

Movie & TV

Dumb Witness
Agahta Christie's POIROT VI, 1995-97
director Edward Bennett
writer Douglas Watkinson
cast David Suchet(Poirot), Hugh Fraser(Hastings), Patrick Ryecart(Charles Arundel), Kate Buffery(Theresa Arundel), Norma West(Wilhemina), Julia St John(Bella Tanios), Paul Herzberg(Jacob Tanios), Ann Morish(Emily Arundel), Pauline Jameson(Isabel Tripp), Muriel Pavlow(Julia Tripp)
Témoin Muet, 2013
Les petits meurtres d'Agatha Christie (Saison 2)
director Marc Angelo
writer Thierry Debroux
cast Samuel Labarthe, Blandine Bellavoir, Élodie Frenck, Dominique Thomas, Éric Beauchamp, Françoise Fabian, Nathalie Richard, Isabelle de Hertogh, Vincent Schmitt


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