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Agatha Christie
Lord Edgware Dies

To Dr and Mrs Campbell Thompson

First Published

Collins, London, Sep. 1933
Dodd Mead, New York, 1933 as "Thirteen at Dinner"
The American Magazine, Mar.-Aug. 1933 as "13 for Dinner"


(from HarperCollins "The Agatha Christie Collection" cover)

Poirot had been present when Jane bragged of her plan to 'get rid of' her estranged husband. Now the monstrous man was dead. And yet the great Belgian detective couldn't help feeling he was being taken for a ride.

After all, how could Jane have stabbed Lord Edgware to death in his library at exactly the same time she was seen dining with friends? And what could be her motive now that the aristocrat had finally granted her a divorce?


A Theatrical Party
A Supper Party
The Man with the Gold Tooth
An Interview
The Widow
The Secretary
The Second Death
Jenny Driver
The Egoist
The Daughter
The Nephew
Five Questions
Sir Montagu Corner
Mainly Discussion
The Butler
The Other Man
A Great Lady
The Taxi-Driver
Ronald's Story
Strange Behaviour of Hercule Poirot
The Letter
News from Paris
A Luncheon Party
Concerning Pince-Nez
Poirot Asks a Few Questions
Poirot Speaks
The Story
A Human Document


Hercule Poirot, Captain Hastings, Jane Wilkinson, Lord Edgware, Carlotta Adams, Bryan Martin, Ronald Marsh, Geraldine Marsh, Miss Carroll, Jenny Driver, Ross, Duke of Merton, Ellis, Inspector Japp

Mr Widburn, Mrs Widburn, Sir Montagu Corner, Alice, Doctor Heath

Movie & TV

Lord Edgware Dies, 1934 (UK)
director Henry Edwards
writer H. Fowler Mear
cast Austin Trevor(Poirot), Jane Carr, Richard Cooper, John Turnbull
Thirteen at Dinner, 1985 (USA/TV)
director Lou Antonio
writer Rod Browning
cast Peter Ustinov(Poirot), Jonathan Cecil(Hastings), Faye Dunaway(Jane Wilkinson), John Barron(Lord George Edgeware), Lee Horsley(Bryan Martin), Bill Nighy(Ronald Marsh), Amanda Pays(Geraldine Marsh), Avril Elgar(Miss Carroll), Diane Keen(Jenny Driver), David Suchet(Inspector Japp)
Lord Edgware Dies
Agahta Christie's POIROT VII, 2000
director Brian Farnham
writer Anthony Horowitz
cast David Suchet(Poirot), Hugh Fraser(Hastings), Philip Jackson(Japp), Pauline Moran(Miss Lemon), Helen Grace(Jane Wilkinson), John Castle(Lord Edgware), Fiona Allen(Carlotta Adams), Dominic Guard(Bryan Martin), Deborah Cornelius(Penny Driver), Hannah Yelland(Geraldine Marsh), Tim Steed(Ronald Marsh)
Le couteau sur la nuque
Les petits meurtres d'Agatha Christie, 2012
director Renaud Bertrand
writer Thierry Debroux
cast Antoine Duléry, Marius Colucci, Maruschka Detmers, Jean-Marie Winling, Alice Isaaz, Guillaume Briat, Julien Alluguette, Frédéric Longbois


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