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Agatha Christie
The Seven Dials Mystery

First Published

Collins, London, Jan. 1929
Dodd Mead, New York, 1929


(from HarperCollins "The Agatha Christie Collection" cover)

Gerry Wade had proved himself to be a champion sleeper, so the other house guests decided to play a practical joke on him. Eight loud alarm clocks were set to go off, one after the other, starting at 6.30 a.m. But when morning arrived, one clock was missing and the prank had backfired with tragic consequences.

For Jimmy Thesiger, in particular, the words 'Seven Dials' were to take on a new and chilling significance...


Sir Oswald Coote, Lady Coote, Rupert Bateman, Marquis of Caterhan, Lady Eileen Brent, Tredwell, Jimmy Thesinger, Bill Eversleigh, Ronny Devereux, Gerry Wade, Lorraine Wade, George Lomax, Sir Stanley Digby, Countess Radzsky, Mr.Mosgorovsky, Superintendent Battle

Movie & TV

The Seven Dials Mystery, 1981 (UK/TV)
director Tony Wharmby
writer Pat Sandys
cast Harry Andrews(Superintendent Battle), Leslie Sands(Sir Oswald Coote), Joyce Redman(Lady Coote), James Griffiths(Rupert Bateman), John Gielgud(Marquis of Caterhan), Cheryl Campbell(Lady Eileen Brent), Brian Wilde(Tredwell), James Warwick(Jimmy Thesinger), Christopher Scoular(Bill Eversleigh), John Vine(Ronny Devereux),


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