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Agatha Christie
The Secret of Chimneys

To My Nephew
in memory of an inscription at compton castle and a day at the zoo

First Published

John Lane (The Bodley Head), London, Jun. 1925
Dodd Mead, New York, 1925


(from HarperCollins "The Agatha Christie Collection" cover)

Little did Anthony Cade suspect that a simple errand on behalf of a friend would make him the centrepiece of a murderous international conspiracy. Someone would stop at nothing to prevent the monarchy being restored in faraway Herzoslovakia.

The combined forces of Scotland Yard and the French Surete can do no better than go in circles - until the final murser at Chimneys, the great country estate that yields up an amazing secret.


1. Anthony Cade Signs On
2. A Lady in Distress
3. Anxiety in High Places
4. Introducing a Very Charming Lady
5. First Night in London
6. The Gentle Art of Blackmail
7. Mr McGrath Refuses an Invitation
8. A Dead Man
9. Anthony Disposes of a Body
10. Chimneys
11. Superintendent Battle Arrives
12. Anthony Tells His Story
13. The American Visitor
14. Mainly Political and and Financial
15. The French Stranger
16. Tea in the Schoolroom
17. A Midnight Adventure
18. Second Midnight Adventure
19. Secret History
20. Battle and Anthony Confer
21. Mr Issacstein's Suitcase
22. The Red Signal
23. Encounter in the Rose Garden
24. The House at Dover
25. Tuesday Night at Chimneys
26. The 13th of October
27. The 13th of October (contd)
28. King Victor
29. Further Explanations
30. Anthony Signs On for a New Job
31. Sunday Details


Anthony Cade, James McGrath, Lord Caterham (the ninth Marquis of Caterham, Clement Edward Alistair Brent), Lady Eileen "Bundle" Brent, Tredwell, Mademoiselle Genevieve Brun, Count Stylptitch, Prince Michael Obolovitch, Boris Anchoukoff, Baron Lolopretjzyl (Lollipop), George "Codders" Lomax, Virginia Revel (Hon. Mrs. Timothy Revel, nee Hon. Virginia Cawthron), Bill Eversleigh, Herman Isaacstein, Mr. Hiram P. Fish, Giuseppe Manuelli, Superintendent Battle, M. Lemoine

Captain Andrassy, Queen Varaga (Countess Varaga Popoffsky), Sir Abner Willis, Professor Wynward, Walton, Lord Edgbaston, Elise, Miss Oscar, Dorothy "Dolly" Kirkpatrick, Dr. Cartwright, Carlo, Captain O'Neill, Lord Caterham (the eighth Marquis of Caterham, Henry), Mr. & Mrs. Caldicott, Mr. Lucius Gott, Constable Johnson, Dutch Pedro, Chilvers, Miss Taylor, Nicholas IV, Prince Nicholas Sergius Alexander Ferdinand Obolovitch, Tom Pearse, Insp. Badgworthy, Mrs. Battle, The Comtesses de Breteuil, Dulcie Brent (Guggle), Daisy Brent (Winkle), Mr. Holmes, Mr. Balderson, Marcia, Colonel Melrose, Angele Mory, Edward Henry Revel, James Revel, Hon. Mr. Timothy "Tim" Revel, Miss Mary Revel, Mrs. Willis Revel, King Victor, Duke of Perth, Richardson, Lennox Revel, Count Stanislaus, Marchioness of Caterham (the fourth), Sir Joshua Reynolds, Ed, Bert, Gladys, M. Chelles

Movie & TV

The Secret of Chimneys, 2009
Agatha Christie's MARPLE Season 5
director John Strickland
writer Paul Rutman
cast Julia McKenzie(MISS MARPLE), Alex Knight(Jaffers), Ruth Jones(Hilda Blenkinsopp), Dervla Kirwan(Bundle), Charlotte Salt Lady(Virginia Revel), Letty Butler(Young Treadwell), Mathew Horne(Bill Eversleigh), Anthony Higgins(Count Ludwig von Stainach), Robert Dunbar(Young Count Ludwig), Laura O'Toole(Agnes Parker), Jonas Armstrong(Anthony Cade), Michelle Collins(Constance Treadwell), Stephen Dillane(Chief Inspector Finch), Edward Fox(Lord Caterham), Adam Godley(George Lomax), Ian Weichardt(Young Lomax)


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Chimneys (play)

a Play in 3 Acts by Agatha Christie dramatised from her own novel.

Vertigo Mystery Theatre, Calgary, Canada 16 Oct. 2003
[cast] Ron Hartmann(Tredwell), Len Harvey(Monsieur Lemoine), Brian Gromoff(Lord Caterham), Emiily Talia(Lady Eileen Brent(Bundle)), Hal Kerbes(George Lomax), Patrick Creery(Bill Eversleigh), David McNally(Anthony Cade), Stephanie McNamara(Virginia Revel), Peter Skagen(Superintendent Battle), Arnold Dvorkin(Herman Isaacstein), Grant Linneberg(Boris Andrassy)


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